Cutting Off A Skin Tag

It is possible to cut off skin tags yourself if you have the type of skin tag that lends itself to this removal process. The skin tag should be small and the type that literally hangs off the skin. It should not be large or the kind that is flat. If it is, use a skin tag remover instead of cutting it off.

If you are unsure, don't cut off your skin tag! The last thing you want to do is try to cut off a growth that should only be cut off by a medical professional.

To Cut Off A Skin Tag

1.) Wipe the skin tag and surrounding skin with rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area.

2.) Use tweezers to pull the skin tag out away from your skin.

3.) Use sharp, sterilized manicure scissors to cut off the skin tag as close to (flush with) your skin as possible. But be sure not to cut your skin--only the tag! Some people use sharp nail clippers to cut off small tags.

4.) Immediately press a sterile cotton ball onto your skin to stop the bleeding. You will also want to wipe the area again with some rubbing alcohol or use a product like Neosporin to help prevent infection.

5.) If necessary, cover the area with a small bandaid until a scab forms.

Will This Process Hurt?

Yes, it will sting as there are nerve endings in the skin tag. I personally do not cut off my skin tags but others describe it as a strong stinging sensation.

Will It Bleed?

Yes, it will bleed as a skin tag must have blood flow to survive. So you should expect bleeding after you've cut one off. For this reason, I strongly advise against cutting off a large skin tag! Use a natural skin tag removal cream instead.

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