Freezing Your Skin Tags

One way that doctors often remove skin tags is by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. This process is known as cryotherapy.

If you don't want to visit a doctor, however, is there a way to freeze them yourself at home?

If you thought you'd be able to simply hold an ice cube on your skin tag for a few minutes and it would fall off, think again. When growths like skin tags or warts are removed by a freezing process, the liquid nitrogen used is far below the temperature of an ice cube.

Currently, there are no good at-home solutions for freezing off a skin tag yourself. There is a product called Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away but it's intended for warts, not skin tags. In addition, it doesn't get good reviews from consumers who've tried it. Many report it doesn't work, even with repeated applications.

I have heard of someone claiming to freeze a skin tag by holding dry ice on it, however it is easy to damage the surrounding healthy tissue by doing so. I would not recommend this method.

Cryotherapy should really only be performed by a medical professional who knows what they're doing.

Luckily, if you want to remove your skin tags at home without having to see a doctor, there is an all-natural removal cream that's very effective. Check out my skin tag remover reviews to learn more.

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