Skin Tag Removers

Are you looking for an effective skin tag remover? Here is a comparison of the only two products that I recommend.

Natural Remover Yes Yes
Use Apply one time Apply 3 times a day
Results Removed in 20 minutes Removed in a few days to a few weeks
Guarantee Yes Yes
International Shipping Yes Yes
Price $79.95 + S/H $29.95 + S/H
Website Visit their site Visit their site

1. Do Both Products Use Natural Ingredrients?

Yes! Both products use natural ingredients, although they do not use the same active ingredients.

2. What Is The Main Difference Between The Two Skin Tag Removers?

Wart Mole Vanish costs more than H-Skin Tags but works much faster. With Wart Mole Vanish you just apply the product for 20 minutes and your skin tag will be removed. H-Skin Tags will also remove your skin tag, but you will need to apply it 3 timess a day until the skin tag disappears. This can take a few days to a few weeks.

Basically, you need to decide if you want to spend more and have the skin tag removed quickly, or if you want to save money and have it take longer for the skin tag to be removed.

3. Why Do You Only Recommend These Two Products?

Because I've tried both of them and have had good results. I'm not going to recommend a product that has not worked for me.

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